Dental cleanings in your residence

Making "house calls" all over the Willamette Valley and Oregon Coast


I am a registered dental hygienist with a permit to work independently, outside of the traditional dental setting.  I treat patients that find it difficult or impossible to get into a dental office and see them in their homes, care communities or senior centers.  


  • Dental cleanings and polishing.  Included is a screening of the entire mouth for cavities, oral cancer and other dental issues.
  • Fluoride treatments.  As we age, the environment in our mouth changes making us more susceptible to dental cavities, infections and tooth sensitivity.  Regular fluoride application can help with reducing cavities and sensitivity.
  • Denture care.  Included is a thorough cleaning of the full or partial dentures, fit check of the denture and screening for sore spots and oral cancer.
  • Denture soft reline.  Poorly fitting dentures can cause pain and make it difficult to eat or talk.  A reline can be done to "refit" the denture and help with the fit.
  • Referral to a local dentist, yearly and more often if there are any dental issues that need to be addressed.